Haunt – Windows of Your Heart (Review)

Haunt - Windows of Your HeartThis is the seventh album from US heavy metal band Haunt.

It’s always a pleasure to hear new material from this highly prolific act, (check out Mind Freeze as a great example), and Windows of Your Heart brings us 41 minutes of hard rocking heavy metal action.

Haunt play good old-fashioned heavy metal songs, with good old-fashioned heavy metal riffs, good old-fashioned heavy metal solos, and good old-fashioned heavy metal choruses. Elements of hard rock and  thrash metal can occasionally be heard here or there, but basically this is classic metal done right. The songs are simple, satisfying, and endlessly fun.

These traditional metal tracks are chock full of hooks and engaging melodies. The music is catchy and exemplifies the classic style well. For anyone familiar with Haunt’s work the material is instantly familiar and comfortable, and the melodies and riffs greet you like an old friend.

Haunt supply a seemingly never ending supply of heavy metal that’s easy to digest, absorb, and enjoy. Windows of Your Heart is another strong release from this untiring artist. Make sure you spend time with it if you’re a fan of the style.

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