Demonical – Mass Destroyer (Review)

Demonical - Mass DestroyerDemonical are from Sweden and this is their seventh album. They play death metal.

I always enjoy Demonical’s work, (check out 2016’s Black Flesh Redemption and 2018’s Chaos Manifesto), so new material by the band is definitely well-received. I never got the chance to review 2020’s World Domination, so now that we have Mass Destroyer I wanted to make certain that this oversight didn’t happen twice.

Once again we are treated to a crushing slab of old-school Swedish death metal. Mass Destroyer lasts 33 minutes and wastes not a second of it. If you like the classic stylings of bands like Entombed, Grave, and Dismember, then Demonical’s latest is not one to miss.

Demonical are just so very good at what they do; these songs are effortlessly enjoyable. The drums punish and the guitars smash you to a pulp. The monstrous growls are inhuman, yet more legible than many others in the genre. The songs don’t outstay their welcome and have been written by professional musicians that know the style backwards. Each track is driven by powerful drums, thick meaty riffs, macabre melodies, molten metal solos, catchy vocal rhythms, and so many barbed hooks that you can do yourself an injury on them if you’re not careful.

The masters of chainsaws have done themselves proud with Mass Destroyer. If simple and straightforward song-based death metal played in the old-school Swedish style makes your head move and fists clench, then this is definitely for you.

Very highly recommended.

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