Imminent Sonic Destruction – The Sun Will Always Set (Review)

Imminent Sonic Destruction - The Sun Will Always SetThis is the third album from Imminent Sonic Destruction, a progressive metal band from the US.

The Sun Will Always Set contains 52 minutes of expressive progressive metal. It’s an album that might not be what you think it is as it wears many hats across its playing time.

The Sun Will Always Set is an interesting collision of two different strands of progressive metal. On the one hand you have the sort of old-school progressive songsmithing that bands like Rush, Genesis, and Dream Theater did so well, and on the other you have a more modern heaviness that is reminiscent of the likes of Meshuggah and Rivers of Nihil. Touches of both Pantera and Anathema can be heard in places too. Throw in some Devin Townsend for good measure and you have an intriguing and enticing proposition. That the band are able to pull off this clash of styles and directions is testament to their abilities.

The songs combine heaviness and emotion well. The music boasts progressive structuring and long-form composition, but doesn’t lack the immediacy of a thick heavy riff or a spot of crushing aggression. The band do both very well, and frequently blend the two sides of their music together seamlessly. The Sun Will Always Set is a wide ranging album though, and across the seven songs we get treated to everything from soft introspective soundscapes to the sort of colossal heaviness you might not initially expect were you considering a more conventional progressive metal release.

The songwriting is good, and the music flows well. The melodic aspects and keyboards help to join the various parts of the songs together and create an engaging journey for the listener to undertake. Creative ideas abound on the songs, and there are some distinctly non-standard moments spread out across the album. Imminent Sonic Destruction have clearly pushed themselves to produce their best, and the results have paid off.

The Sun Will Always Set is an enjoyable progressive metal melange of styles and flavours that’s ultimately pretty damn tasty. Dive in, play loud, and enjoy.

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