Archvile King – À la Ruine (Review)

Archvile King- À la RuineArchvile King is a solo black metal band from France and this is his debut album.

The music of Archvile King is that of classic black metal mixed with elements of thrash, punk, and folk. The latter style is lesser-heard in general, but can be detected in some of the melodies and the occasional acoustic guitar, (and is especially apparent in tracks like Chroniques du Royaume Avili and À la Ruine). The punk and thrash elements are embedded in parts of the blackened guitars that rage and tear out of the speakers like envenomed claws.

The songs display these various influences well, and in different ways. They are well-constructed affairs that mix brutal belligerence with expansive atmosphere and potent melody. The artist’s skill is readily apparent, whether it manifests as blackened violence, moody darkness, or bright, engaging melody. I like that À la Ruine isn’t a one-dimensional wonder, and instead embraces a few different feelings and directions as it progresses. Each song has a personality all of its own, yet fits in neatly beside its siblings.

Of course, the music has a strong black metal core that keeps everything consistent and holistically on course; this is the primary style encountered on À la Ruine. The cutting blackened riffs are infectious and lethal, while the melodies are moreish and compelling. I wasn’t expecting this music to be as emotive and atmospheric as it is, so I’m pleasantly surprised by this. The artist clearly knows how to write, sequence, and deliver quality music, and À la Ruine is testament to his abilities.

Well, what an underground gem this is. À la Ruine is a very, very strong release. Archvile King is a name that you shouldn’t forget quickly.

Very highly recommended.

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