Creeping Flesh – …And Then the Bombs Came (Review)

Creeping Flesh - ...And Then the Bombs CameThis is the second album from Swedish death metallers Creeping Flesh.

Creeping Flesh play old-school death metal that feels like it’s underpinned and powered by the classic Swedish style, but has an obvious love of Bolt Thrower that they then build on top of these sturdy foundations. The end result throws bands such as Hail of Bullets, Bolt Thrower, and Asphyx, into the meatgrinder to produce 43 minutes of war-obsessed old-school heaviness. The Bolt Thrower influence is prominent and clear, but, amazingly, doesn’t end up detracting from the music.

Creeping Flesh deploy steamroller riffs with crushing intensity. Macabre melodies add those forlorn hooks that we love, while the singer passionately growls and roars about the horrors of war. The songs are well-written and performed, and the band know a good riff when it tramples them into the mud. The album is packed with strong moments, gripping melodies, and songs that stick with you. Creeping Flesh know old-school death metal, and they know how to play it well.

This is absolutely nothing you haven’t heard before, but that also absolutely doesn’t matter when it’s as well-delivered as it is here. …And Then the Bombs Came has hit the spot and destroyed it with thunderous explosive power.

Fans of the old-school rejoice! Creeping Flesh have unleashed another salvo.

Highly recommended.

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