Creeping Flesh – In Times of War (Review)

Creeping FleshCreeping Flesh are a Swedish death metal band and this is a compilation album of their previous work.

This collection contains 2014’s Unravelled by War, 2015’s Rising Terror, and 2016’s Scorched. I don’t normally review compilation releases like this, especially if I’ve covered some of the music previously, but I wanted to highlight In Times of War as I like Creeping Flesh a lot.

This is only going to be a relatively brief overview, as you can read about the latter two releases in the reviews themselves. Unravelled by War is of a similar type and style, albeit of a slightly less-developed nature as the band were finding their feet on this debut EP. It’s still a damn good listen, however.

Yep, I have a real bias for Swedish death metal, and this is well-delivered stuff. This compilation features 11 tracks lasting 52 minutes, and it’s a real treat for any fan of the style. Sure, there’s little here that will convince people who are sick of the well-worn nature of Swedish death metal, but this is not a band for them anyway. As I say, for anyone into this kind of thing, Creeping Flesh deliver the goods.

Full of thick riffs, heavy grooves, macabre melodies, and monstrous vocals, what’s not to like here? Hail Creeping Flesh!


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