Sordide – Les Idées Blanches (Review)

Sordide - Les Idées BlanchesSordide are a black metal band from France and this is their fourth album.

Sordide deliver us 39 minutes of sharp, modern black metal.

Sordide employ visceral blackened rhythms that evoke twisting and churning seas of dark distortion. These are augmented by a good use of melody and atmospheric enhancements, which show the band’s grasp of mood and feeling. They know how to build atmosphere as much as they know how to rip and tear violently.

The riffs cut and the drums pound. There’s a definite old-school feel to Les Idées Blanches, even though it’s delivered in a modern style. A certain punk influence makes itself felt in places too, cementing the feeling that Sordide operate in waters old and new.

Sordide’s sound is raw and underground, but not overly so. Despite the cold veneer of the murderous guitars, I like the warm organic feel that the drums have, and also like that you can hear the contribution of the bass.

The vocals are grim screams that have, like the music, an almost punk feel to them on occasion.

Les Idées Blanches is a quality, charismatic black metal album. Well-written, and with a good range of moods and textures to explore, Sordide have produced an enjoyable fourth record.

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