Nemorous – Nemorous (Review)

Nemorous - NemorousNemorous are a UK black metal band and this is their debut EP.

Nemorous contains 36 minutes of music in the form of four original tracks, (three songs), and a cover of a In Gowan Ring song. Featuring current and ex-members of bands such as Wodensthrone, Ahamkara, Vacivus, and Axis of Perdition, you know that Nemerous are an experienced bunch before the record even starts.

So what is Nemerous? Simplistically, this is an atmospheric black metal release that contains progressive elements. Although you can feel Wodensthrone’s obvious shadow across the length of the EP, I’m impressed by the band’s ability to work with their past to move their music forward, stepping out from this shadow and into something new and exciting. Nemerous are a new collective, and their music stands proudly on its own ten feet.

The songs here are evocative and richly emotive, using melody well to help craft enticing and engaging soundscapes for the listener to explore. The band’s melodic streak is strong, but not overbearing; Nemerous know how to incorporate their melodies into the wider song, rather then focusing on them exclusively. This makes for an expansive version of black metal that boasts many standout sections filled with emotional content. There are multiple great examples I could use, but I find the middle-ish part of The Crucible of Being especially potent.

The music is well-written and I find myself very easily taken with it. It’s layered and richly wrought, with a good understanding of mood-building mechanics and atmospheric structure. Lighter sections augment the heavier ones, with transitions and merging of both aspects of the music seamless and without issue.

I especially like the vocals. These consist of well-performed blackened screams and deep, guttural growls, both of which work extremely well with the rest of the music.

This entire EP has clearly been a labour of love, and the end result is very impressive. If this release is anything to go by, then I absolutely cannot wait for a full length from the band. Until then, enjoy Nemorous, I know I will.

Essential listening.

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