Golgata – Ur Eld Och Aska (Review)

Golgata - Ur Eld Och AskaThis is the third album from Swedish black metallers Golgata.

2020’s Tempel was an enjoyable journey into Golgata’s world, so I’m glad to revisit it once more and see what their latest release has to offer.

Ur Eld Och Aska contains 33 minutes of enjoyable melodic black metal. The foundation of the style was set many, many moons ago, and Golgata play it well. The music is well-written, with melodic might, aggressive speed, and blackened groove forming the bulk of the band’s delivery. The songs showcase a range of different paces, with the band delivering the material with confidence.

I like some of the additional flourishes that Golgata bring to their music. These were well-used on Tempel and have been developed further here. The epic clean sections, which recall Bathory/Viking metal, are particularly well-performed and executed. Add to this the occasional use of acoustic guitars, keyboards, and a few other different vocal styles, and you have a nicely well-rounded record in Ur Eld Och Aska.

Golgata have once again produced a solid melodic black metal album, with moments of epic grandeur and atmospheric might built in. If you’re a fan of the style then make sure you check out what Ur Eld Och Aska has to offer.

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