Slaughterday – Ravenous (Review)

SlaughterdaySlaughterday are a German Death Metal band and this is their latest EP.

After thoroughly enjoying their début album Nightmare Vortex I was looking forward to listening to this.

This EP is 4 tracks long and features 19 minutes of music; 3 originals and a cover of an Acheron song.

Slaughterday play Death Metal that’s brutal, heavy and has a firm Old-School influence to it.

The band are on fine form here with the music sounding as crushing as ever. The vocals also sound particularly savage when the guttural deep growls are twinned with the higher screams. Pulse-raising stuff.

When they slow the pace Slaughterday manage to foster a real air of menace with their crawling, oppressively heavy delivery.

The songs are well-written, memorable and played proficiently. Some nice solos make an appearance too. The riffs are nicely done and there are some choice cuts amongst these tracks.

One thing I like about Slaughterday is their ability to combine a good vocal rhythm with a perfectly matched mid-paced riff. In themselves each of these things is a desirable result, but combined together the effect is greater than the whole. They did this to great effect on their début album and judging by the tracks on Ravenous this is something that they are getting even better at doing.

A very strong EP that builds on the hard work done with their début album and promises good things for their next.

Don’t miss this.


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