Uada – Djinn (Review)

Uada - DjinnThis is the third album from Uada, a black metal band from the US.

Bursting at the seams with 60 minutes of ambitious, energetic material, Djinn is melodic black metal played by a talented band that know how to write the style. Clearly influenced by the classic blackened style, Uada have taken these influences and channelled them into music that has its own personality and character.

These songs are potent examples of melodic black metal, played with passion and skill, but without the frequently unnecessary frills or overly joyous delivery that can infect some examples of the style. Instead, we get music that’s upbeat and colourful, while still being an appropriately darkened shade of night. Hopeful in places, mournful in others, Djinn has a lot to offer across its running time.

Flicking across seas of rhythmically charged riffs, blast beats that leave scars, and melodies that sear into the brain, you’ll quickly find that these songs have plenty of catchy and memorable moments, despite their length. Some of the songs’ parts and aforementioned melodies are quite non-standard too, hinting at influences wider than the blackened norm. There’s a clear classic/progressive rock feel to some of this, especially in some of the guitar solos, for example. You can hear punk/hardcore in some of the riffs too.

Well-written and very enjoyable, these songs are richly textured explorations of blackened melody. The music is also a good example of a band attempting to carve their own identity into a much-loved sound, and largely succeeding exceptionally well. Oh, and I love the dark snarling vocals too.

Much like Swedish death metal, I’m a sucker for melodic black metal. When it comes to the latter, however, I’m nowhere near as easily pleased as I am with the former, and most examples of melodic black metal leave me, ultimately, disappointed. Not so with Uada. Djinn is the sort of stuff I can listen to again and again and again and again…

Don’t overthink it, just enjoy it. Djinn is great, so make sure you don’t miss out.

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