Aenemica – Secret Lines (Review)

Aenemica - Secret LinesThis is the second album from Aenemica, a German progressive rock band.

This is the follow up to 2014’s Empty Inside,

These songs feature a mix of progressive, melodic, and alternative rock, nicely-written and neatly-presented. Aenemica understand the style that they play, meaning that these songs have plenty of hooks and memorable moments, while also having enough depth to encourage repeat listens.

The music’s approach is such that it draws from a few different styles and times, from older alternative rock, to more modern progressive groups, including elements of djent, (although thankfully this latter aspect of the music is not overstated). Various moods appear, but it’s all quite pleasant and easy-listening, in a positive way. Secret Lines is the sort of release that effortlessly slides by in a companionable haze of resplendent melodies, smooth vocals, and engaging guitars.

Secret Lines is a very satisfying affair, and at only 33 minutes in duration easily hits that tuneful progressive rock spot that you know you have on occasion.

I enjoyed Secret Lines very much. It has been worth the six-year wait, and improves on the band’s early promise very well.

Highly recommended for any fan of modern rock.

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