Tiberius – A Peaceful Annihilation (Review)

Tiberius - A Peaceful AnnihilationThis is the debut album from Tiberius, a progressive metal band from the UK.

If you fancy a spot of technical wizardry with your big choruses, and are partial to a bit of Protest the Hero or the more accessible side of Between the Buried and Me, then you might want to check out these Scottish metallers.

The music is modern and technical, but not overly so. Although Between the Buried and Me can be heard as an influence in parts of the music, it’s Protest the Hero that I can hear the most of in Tiberius’ sound. Thankfully the band have more going on than simply being a pale imitation; Tiberius are well on their way to developing their own identity, and also have more of a metallic feel to them in some ways too, (some minor shades of Nevermore, for example, can occasionally be felt).

The singer has a powerful voice that dominates the songs, but not in an overpowering way; the music holds its own quite well. His voice has a rock-y swagger to it that is unusual in this style, and he has a lot of charisma and presence. The well-written music compliments his voice very well.

Tiberius have produced a good selection of songs here, especially for a debut album. It’s clear that the band have a lot of talent, and with a very strong singer and a professional production, there’s a lot to recommend A Peaceful Annihilation.

A recommended listen.

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