Asarhaddon – Reysa (Review)

Asarhaddon - ReysaAsarhaddon are a black metal band from Germany and this is their debut album.

This is music that takes the melodic and atmospheric aspects of black metal and uses them wisely, crafting songs that have emotional weight and textured appeal.

The tracks on this release drip with melancholic despair and grief. They’re filled with feeling, both in the expressive guitars and the singer’s clear rasping scream. Each song is a powerhouse of venom and claws, with sharp guitars scything through flesh as blisteringly malevolent vocals scream out of the blackened musical carnage. There’s an urgency to much of the guitarwork, an energy which seems to drive the songs forward with relentless momentum.

Despite the obvious hateful extremity on display, Asarhaddon’s atmospheric aggression and melodic assault is very easy to listen to and appreciate if you’re a fan of the style. In some ways Reysa reminds me of the glory days of the second wave, while still having enough of its own personality to be relevant in its own right today.

In Reysa Asarhaddon have produced a very enjoyable slice of dark blackened art.

Very highly recommended.

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