Asarhaddon – Thurofreminga (Review)

Asarhaddon - ThurofremingaThis is the latest EP from German black metal band Asarhaddon.

I really enjoyed 2020’s Reysa, so Thurofreminga is one I didn’t want to miss. Containing two 13-minute tracks, Thurofreminga is an epic slice of melancholic black metal.

Asarhaddon’s music is wonderfully rendered in stunning detail. This is atmospheric black metal with rich immersive qualities and a level of emotive impact that’s striking and potent. This is the sort of music that can easily be listened to on repeat, so hypnotic and absorbing it is.

The well-crafted songs are structured to make the most of mood and flow. They take the listener on an atmospheric journey into blackened waters that teem with life and sights to be seen. Grim melodies haunt the traveller as they explore Asarhaddon’s world, but it’s the holistic experience of the songs as a whole that really makes its mark. Asarhaddon know how to write songs that take advantage of atmospheric black metal’s strengths, and Thurofreminga is a powerhouse of emotion and contemplative atmosphere.

I’m really glad I did check out Asarhaddon’s latest, and I urge you to as well. Thurofreminga offers a feast of emotion-rich atmospheric black metal, and any fan of the style will find plenty to adore here.

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