Eye Flys – Tub of Lard (Review)

Eye Flys - Tub of LardThis is the debut album from US hardcore band Eye Flys.

Featuring a guitarist of Full of Hell, this is 25 minutes of stocky heaviness and charismatic hostility. Elements of hardcore, punk, sludge, and noise rock collide on Tub of Lard, leading to an enjoyable take on heavy music. Reference points for this band’s music include Unsane, Helmet, Fudge Tunnel, and The Melvins, only with a more aggressive slant.

Harshly raging, yet with a certain amount of wider appeal that’s a real balancing act, these songs stop short of descending into pure brutality due to the songwriting sensibilities of the band and their influences. Fat fuzzy riffs are everywhere, while the drums thump and the singer’s gruff voice shouts out into the void. It’s also a decently varied album, with a variety of different paces, ideas, and themes explored, which helps make for an engaging listen. Some songs, or parts of songs, are faster or slower, but all have a belligerent attitude and confident swagger that speaks of rock’s inherently assured delivery.

This is a no-filler record, one that’s bursting with raw passion and a belligerent, short-tempered, straightforward nature. The songs are angry and want you to know it.

A recommended listen.

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