Cardinals Folly – Defying the Righteous Way (Review)

Cardinals Folly - Defying the Righteous WayCardinals Folly are a Finnish doom metal band and this is their fifth album.

I have a definite soft spot for Cardinals Folly, and I’d recommend the likes of Our Cult Continues! and Deranged Pagan Sons to anyone who enjoys charismatic doom metal with larger-than-life vocals. Defying the Righteous Way is the band’s latest chapter, and it’s damn good one, worthy of inclusion in the Cardinals Folly saga.

Traditional doom metal is the order of business here, but Cardinals Folly make such a well-worn style their own through sheer force of personality. Some minor elements of punk and black metal can be heard here and there, adding spice to an already tasty treat, but ultimately this is all about the DOOM!

Cardinals Folly’s music is loaded with character and confidence, but they have the necessary songcraft to back up this bravado. Riffs are everywhere, and the guitars dominate everything. Or at least they would were it not for the almost-physical presence of the band’s singer. His voice is the focal point of the songs without even really trying, and his performance, as always, excels. Such an individual voice won’t be to everyone’s tastes, but to mine, he really hits the spot and complements the music very well.

Defying the Righteous Way is a top album from a top band. If you have yet to experience the glory of Cardinals Folly, then start here; you won’t be disappointed.


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