Abstruse – Submerge:Ritual (Review)

Abstruse - Submerge RitualThis is the fourth album from Abstruse, an experimental rock project from Greece.

Well, there’s a lot going on here. This is music that refuses to be just one thing, and exists as a constantly-shifting mass of musical styles and content. Amazingly, Submerge:Ritual works with this well, and doesn’t come across as disjointed or a failed science experiment.

There’s a lot of different component parts that have gone into the forging of this album. We get everything from post- and progressive influences, to trip hop and electronica, to splashes of avant-garde, jazz, and industrial, and a healthy dose of psychedelia. It sounds like a mess, and it is, but a gloriously successful mess.

These aforementioned influences and styles are wrapped around actual songs for the most part, which helps the album’s cohesive feeling. Rather than being totally free-form and unrestrained, the music is allowed to roam where it pleases for a good portion of its time, but then is always steered back to the right path to enable to songs to give the listener what they need. Having said that though, this certainly isn’t your standard radio-friendly unit shifter, not at all, (much to its credit).

The singing is well-executed, and the musicianship on point. This is an album that’s satisfying when you’re in the mood for something a bit outside of the norm, yet still traditional enough to scratch that itch for actual songs.

Submerge:Ritual is an individual album that relishes challenging itself to produce enjoyable music that’s non-standard, but not so off the beaten path as to be unlistenable or a waste of time. Check this out.

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