Diamond Head – Diamond Head (Review)

Diamond HeadDiamond Head are a metal band from the UK, this is their seventh album.

One of the original NWOBHM bands that formed way back in the late 70s, Diamond Head need little introduction to most people, although probably few have actually heard their music directly. Always poised for success, it has nevertheless somehow eluded the group, with most people these days probably knowing them via the Metallica connection more than the band themselves. Which is a shame, as Diamond Head have a lot to offer.

This album is a properly rocking slab of quality metal with a sexy blues edge. This is the band’s first album with the current singer and he fits the music like a glove. His powerful and charismatic voice slips into the band’s music flawlessly and easy; he commands the tracks while still allowing the music the space to do its thing.

The songs are so very enjoyable and easy to like it’s hard to credit really. The fact that the album simply improves on repeated listens is the hallmark of quality music, but it’s still instant enough to impress the first time you hear it too.

Energetic riffs, tasty solos, catchy and memorable melodies and leads…this is very, very good. One of the striking things about this album is that it doesn’t sound at all like it has been released by a band that formed decades ago. It sounds fresh, exciting, young and vigorous. And no, it’s not just their extremely impressive singer, (although that’s part of it), it’s the music too. Blimey.

Blues-tinged rock/metal is undergoing somewhat of a renaissance at the moment, and I could easily imagine Diamond Head appealing to fans of this kind of thing. The challenge, as always, is to get people to listen to them. Once they do though, I find it hard to imagine anyone disliking this.

Very highly recommended.

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