Come Back from the Dead – Caro Data Vermibus (Review)

Come Back from the DeadCome Back from the Dead are a Spanish death metal band and this is their latest EP.

This is old-school death metal played in the best of ways – filthy, nasty, and full of darkness. Caro Data Vermibus offers us 16 minutes of this ugliness.

This is song-based old-school death metal, taking an ancient, atavistic style and regurgitating it to the band’s own tastes. Elements of the Swedish style can be heard, but this is only part of Come Back from the Dead’s sound – parts of the American and Finnish scenes can be heard too, for example.

The songs have plenty of character and idiosyncrasies, and each one of them has its own personality. Come Back from the Dead don’t simply repeat what has gone before them. Instead, they take that as inspiration to branch out and forge their own path in the crowded realms of old-school death metal. While obviously reminiscent of many, Come Back from the Dead have actually managed to find a way to sound quite distinctive when compared to a lot of their peers, which is no easy feat to achieve.

With a charismatic singer that seems to shout and rage rather than growl, this is yet another method that the band use to firmly stamp their own personality on such a well-worn style.

I really liked this. It’s a brief visit to Come Back from the Dead’s world, but a very enjoyable and satisfying one. This EP demonstrates that just because you play old-school death metal doesn’t mean that you have to sound like all of your peers, and Caro Data Vermibus is a triumph in many ways. Also, the more you listen to this, the more it digs its claws in you and won’t let you go. This, combined with the short running time, means you’ll be listening to this over and over again for some time to come.

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