Abigorum – Exaltatus Mechanism (Review)

Abigorum - Exaltatus MechanismAbigorum are a black/doom metal band from Russia/Germany and this is their debut album.

Exaltatus Mechanism contains 46 minutes of blackened soundscapes filled with bleak, ritualistic occult atmosphere and daemonic presence.

The music is black metal filtered through the apocalyptic lens of doom and tempered with dark ambient. The vocals are primarily blackened screams, although other styles do appear here and there, such as spoken word. Haunting and grimly atmospheric, these songs are insidious, slowly working their way into your mind and infecting your consciousness with a spiritual sickness.

Deliberately operating on the sparse side, the music is effective at crafting dark auras and sinister atmosphere. These are slow, moody pieces that take their time to work their magic, but when they do you’ll find you’re drawn into their spell without even being aware of what’s happening to you. Without incorporating too many different elements, the band focus on what each instrument can add to the whole, and the end result is an affecting collection of dark blackened doom hymns to darkness.

Exaltatus Mechanism has the measure of a ritual, and the feel of an imminent threat of otherworldly incursion. Listen to this in the dark.

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