Eternal Storm – Come the Tide (Review)

Eternal Storm - Come the TideEternal Storm are a melodic death metal band from Spain and this is their debut album.

The band’s first release in 2013 – From the Ashes – showed a lot of promise, and they then followed this up in 2014 with a split that contributed a single track, showing even more promise. And then…nothing. Fast forward to 2019, however, and we now get an imposing 59 minutes of new material. The band have been busy, it seems.

Come the Tide is a bold, confident leap forward for the band. When compared to their earlier material, their early promise has been fulfilled in spades, and it’s almost like listening to a different band in some ways. Professional and mature, Eternal Storm are now fully formed and highly competent. On this debut album the band have really pushed themselves to strike out into wider, deeper waters, searching for something unknown, but producing insightful, intricate, textured progressive melodic death metal along the way.

One of the very enjoyable things about this album is that the highly melodic nature of the music is given free reign to explore and soar, while still remaining heavy and direct where it needs to. Eternal Storm have remembered the death metal side of the melodic death metal equation; frequently neglected by many bands playing this style, here the band remember its roots.

Having said this, the melodic side of the band’s sound is all-encompassing and demanding, and Eternal Storm make sure they take care of it accordingly. These melodies are built into the very heart of what the band are about. No, it’s not the only thing they are about, but it is a large part of their existence. This melodicism is channelled into music that remembers its heavier, aggressive side, without being afraid to branch out into epic metallic territories. Eternal Storm show themselves to be easily capable of holding attention when they really explore the heights of their progressive wanderings, much to the joy of the listener.

Come the Tide is a multifaceted, richly textured melodic death metal tour de force, and I heartily recommend that you check out what it has to offer.

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