Hex – God Has No Name (Review)

Hex - God Has No NameHex are a Spanish death/doom metal band and this is their second album.

Hex are a band that play a base of death metal that’s been infused with doom. It is, in general terms at least, a mix of old-school bands such as Paradise Lost, Bolt Thrower, Behemoth, Hypocrisy, and Dismember, with a few others thrown in too.

However, just before you think you’ve heard it all before, Hex do what they do with a few unusual ideas and flourishes. Atypical riffs and structuring are present across the album, and the band frequently get creative with their style, adding in things such as vocal variations and guest clean female singing, or injecting a blackened feel, or a thunderously heavy riff that would feel out of place if it wasn’t for how well it was incorporated. Elements like these aren’t huge things in the grand scheme, but do help to give the album its character.

Apart from the aforementioned vocal variations, which appear now and again, the majority of the vocals are deep growls. I have to say that I really like the singer’s voice. It has presence and depth, and works really well with the music; it seems to be synced up to the rhythm guitars quite well most of the time, leading to a very satisfying listen.

An enjoyable, slow-burning album. Hex know what they’re doing with this style, and do it well. A recommended listen.

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