Bewitcher – Under the Witching Cross (Review)

Bewitcher - Under the Witching CrossThis is the second album from US black/speed metal band Bewitcher.

2016’s Bewitcher made an impression, and Under the Witching Cross looks set to cement that impression, with pounding beats and driving anthems.

Bewitcher’s brand of old-school black, thrash, speed, and heavy metal is infectious and moreish. Played with first wave black metal energy and 80s speed metal character, and then simply enhanced with the other influential sub-genres mentioned, these songs are riotously good fun.

Despite how rough, raw, and vicious this is, it’s also so thoroughly enjoyable and deliciously gratifying that you can’t help but listen to it again as soon as it has finished, something which is only enabled by the lean 33-minute running time.

Instantly memorable and timelessly catchy, these songs are very well-written and are authentic hymns to the old days of heavy metal. Full of tasty melodies, ripping riffs, and blazing solos, this album is a firm hit.

On Under the Witching Cross Bewitcher sound hungrier than ever, and they definitely have the talent to succeed.

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