Borders – Purify (Review)

Borders - PurifyBorders are a modern metal band from the UK. This is their debut album.

Borders impressed with their 2017 EP Diagnosed, so I’m pleased to see this full length appear.

Heavy, yet melodic, the songs on Purify are catchy and memorable, while also retaining depth and character. As I noted in the review of their first EP; it’s rare to find a band playing this style that does it as well as Borders, and it’s great to see the band capitalise on their early promise.

This kind of djent-influenced modern metalcore is frequently shallow and generic, but Borders have a certain spark of personality which lifts them above the average. The band’s technical ability does not compromise the catchiness and memorability of the songs. The music has a firm emotive presence, despite the palpable anger that manifests throughout that could have potentially overshadowed any other emotion.

The band have an energetic delivery and sound quite electrified in places. The songwriting is strong, and the tracks show a decent grasp of diversity and structuring, as well as dynamics. The emotive hardcore elements that previously reminded me of Polar have only been strengthened, and there’s a larger nu-metal influence here than there was on their EP. These latter elements can can only be felt on occasion, but are handled well and with charisma. The singer’s performance should be noted, as his passionate delivery brings together belligerent brutality with affecting, heartfelt melody.

Even with a few rough edges to still iron out, Purify has cemented my opinion of Borders as a modern metal band that’s a force to be reckoned with.

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