Call of the Void – Buried in Light (Review)

Call of the Void - Buried in LightCall of the Void are a US hardcore/grindcore band and this is their third album.

I’ve been a fan of Call of the Void since their 2015 album Ageless, which was then firmly cemented by their last EP AYFKM.

This new release finds Call of the Void adding to their hardcore/grindcore mix with increased elements of sludge and even a minor blackened influence on occasion in some of the riffs.

The band’s sound is thunderous and ruinous. Their songs manage to combine brutal aggression with a deeper memorable streak, and even outright catchiness in places. Across the thirteen tracks there’s a surprising amount of diversity too, as Call of the Void know thirteen ways to crush and destroy. The intensity of this band is not in question, and their mastery of smack-you-in-the-face riffs seems to be only getting better. Add to this an increased ability to craft apocalyptic atmosphere, and you have a very impressive cocktail of heaviness.

This is caustic, nasty stuff. With each release Call of the Void seem to be refining themselves further and tweaking their sound. They do this while simultaneously travelling further down the path of both extremity and improvement, which is not an easy thing to accomplish.

Ageless was very good, but AYFKM promised even better things. Buried in Light delivers, and then some. This is the band’s best release yet. I say that every time they unleash something new, so I can only imagine what will come after this.

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