Dawn of Demise – The Suffering (Review)

Dawn of DemiseThis is the fourth album from Dawn of Demise, a death metal band from Denmark.

Dawn of Demise’s fourth album is the kind of instantly-gratifying hit of death metal that it’s so very easy to like. The album has 37 minutes of prime-time barbarous death metal that’s sure to find fans among all connoisseurs of aural carnage.

The songs are nicely heavy. Fast sections sit comfortably alongside groovier ones, with a good old serving of slamming death metal where necessary. The tracks on The Suffering have a healthy mix of these different aspects, making for an album that easily avoids becoming a one-dimensional affair.

There are some really good riffs on this release, some of which have a top-quality crunch to them. When the band lock into a good groove, it’s hard to keep still.

The singer has a deep growl that’s performed in a very satisfying manner. As well as his main voice, he also mixes in deeper, more guttural vocals that see the extremity ramped up a level.

The recording is dry and clear, producing a satisfying sound that allows the band’s savagery to come through loud, clear and relentlessly bloody.

A thoroughly enjoyable romp through the slaughterhouse. Recommended.


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