Dispyt – Den Ständigt Närvarande Ångesten (Review)

Dispyt - Den Ständigt Närvarande ÅngestenDispyt are a blackened crust band from Finland and this is their debut album.

Featuring members of Finntroll & Ondfødt, Den Ständigt Närvarande Ångesten contains 27 minutes of crust, punk, d-beat, and hardcore nastiness, all realised through a second wave black metal filter.

Originally seeing the light in 2017, the album is getting a fresh lease of life through Immortal Frost Productions and is ready to destroy.

The songs are short and high energy. Most of the riffs are hybrids of blackened groove and crust furore. Understated leads add an extra layer to these main guitars, while pounding drums gallop ever forwards with pummelling power.

The vocals are quite varied, and frequently delivered with a sense of urgency. They are feral and venomous at times, quite unhinged in places, more belligerent and blunt in others, while sharper and more vicious in other moments. This is a result of all three members of the band sharing vocal duties, and I especially like it when they battle with each other for vocal supremacy on occasion.

This is music to rage and break stuff to. The style has been done many times, but that doesn’t matter one bit, and Dispyt play their aggressive blackness well. When you want a short hit of foul energetic blackcrust then Den Ständigt Närvarande Ångesten hits the spot nicely.

A recommended listen.

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