Wolf Counsel – Destination Void (Review)

wolf counsel - destination voidThis is the fourth album from Swiss doom metal band Wolf Counsel.

The promo blurb states that this album is for fans of Cathedral, Candlemass, Trouble, and Solitude Aeturnus, and that’s a fair assessment.

This is doom metal in the classic, epic vein, and is an authentic and honest take on the the style. Well-written, and with good pacing for something that could theoretically become too one-dimensional or dull, Wolf Counsel’s songs showcase a band that have fully embraced the conventions of their particular style, yet still remain enjoyable and highly listenable.

Slow, emotive riffs are a big part of Wolf Counsel’s sound, and these are pieced together and structured into songs that work well in their chosen genre. There’s more than just collections of riffs here though, as the band use melody well too, which helps to create engaging atmosphere during the songs. I feel that the latter aspect of Wolf Counsel’s sound is rendered particularly well, and my favourite parts of these songs are when the music is the focus and really builds atmosphere and mood with creative and immersive songwriting and delivery.

Although certainly not perfect, Destination Void is an enjoyable trip into Wolf Counsel’s world. Fans of traditional doom metal should find plenty to get on board with here.

A recommended listen.

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