Minors – Abject Bodies (Review)

Minors - Abject BodiesMinors are a hardcore/sludge band from Canada. This is their second album.

It only seems like yesterday that 2017’s Atrophy was unleashed on an unsuspecting world, providing those in the know with a visceral, harsh hit of aggressive hardcore/sludge that left a firm mark. Well, Minors are now back with another 30 minutes of material that sees them in fine form once more.

Minors seem to have developed and progressed on Abject Bodies, retaining what made Atrophy so enjoyable, but allowing themselves the space to spread out and breathe as their music takes stock of what’s around them and digs deeper into sludge’s caustic toolbox. This expanded vision sees the band increasing their song lengths and packing more into their tracks. Abject Bodies shares the same amount of tracks with Atrophy, but is about 11 minutes longer.

The extra time is made good use of, allowing Minors to create deeper listening experiences with their sound, while also keeping their core of violent intensity intact. The band’s brand of mayhem has been updated with elements of noise and increased atmosphere alongside the virulent violence that forms the core of their assault.

Squealing feedback, venom-infected vocals, and heavy intensity are your main companions on Abject Bodies, and these are used, alongside other ingredients, to produce an album that manages to fuse together blistering punk aggression with the emotive depth of harrowing sludge. The end result is exceedingly addictive, and extremely enjoyable.

Atrophy was a strong debut, speaking of immense promise. Abject Bodies realises this potential, and screams in your face about what might come in the future.

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