Aenimus – Dreamcatcher (Review)

Aenimus - DreamcatcherAenimus are a modern death metal band and this is their second album. They are from the US.

Aenimus fuse a range of different styles into their modern death metal. It’s progressive and technical, and takes parts of the djent and deathcore styles into itself quite easily. The music twists and turns with a futuristic sci-fi feel, while still having a gritty core that at least partially comes from the raw growls of the singer.

People who are familiar with bands such as The Faceless, Fallujah, Periphery, and Suicide Silence will be quite at home here. I’m also reminded of Scar Symmetry on occasion, especially when clean vocals are used. Although Aenimus do inject their own collective personalities into the music, Dreamcatcher is still the sound of a band finding their own way by combing through the catalogues of their heroes’ work for their favourite bits. It works, and there’s a lot here for them to be proud of, but it’s definitely a developmental journey that the band are on.

The songs are aggressive and polished, frequently adding layers of melody, keyboards, or the aforementioned clean vocals into the mix to add variety and interest. Everything here is well-written, and the band clearly know their adopted style inside and out.

Despite needing to find their own voice a bit more, I can’t help but enjoy Dreamcatcher. After all, when it’s presented as professionally and as passionately as it is here, it’s hard to resist getting sucked into the solid grooves and technical melodies.

Check this out.

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