Gnarwolf – GnarVina – Split (Review)

gnarwolf - gnarvina - splitGnarwolf are a US hardcore band and this is their latest EP, a split with Covina.

I enjoyed 2017’s II, so am pleased to hear some new work from Gnarwolf. We only have seven minutes of material here, divided into three songs, but it sure hits the spot.

Gnarwolf play chaotic hardcore; think a mix of bands such as Every Time I Die, Norma Jean, The Chariot, Botch, Zao, etc.

I’ll Pass on Dessert (I’m Already Full of Myself) is a high-octane rager, full of punk energy and belligerent snarls. Hardcore shouts are almost relentless apart from a brief section, and I enjoy the brief deathgrowls near the middle of the track and at the end. The song rips along for two minutes and doesn’t let up.

Mutiny follows in similar fashion, but is more angular and sharp. You can hear an old-school Norma Jean influence notably in one of the jagged riffs, but as usual the band put their own charismatic spin on things. Thick and heavy, Mutiny is another strong song from Gnarwolf.

The final track is the longest in duration, (My Apocalypse Is so Bright, I Need Shades), and has a more playful feel to its violence. The song takes the band’s core Every Time I Die influence and makes it their own.

According to the band’s Facebook page they’re gearing up for a full length in 2019. If so, then I look forward to it very much.

Until then, check this out.

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