Gnarwolf – II (Review)

GnarwolfGnarwolf are a US hardcore band and this is their latest EP.

You’ve gotta like this kind of thing; less than 14 minutes of angular, chaotic hardcore. The band play it well and make one Hell of a noise. What’s not to like?

With only six tracks, a few different intensity settings and a couple of guests, (the female vocals are especially effective), this EP makes short work of the opposition and demonstrates a band that really know what they’re doing.

Every Time I Die are the lord and masters of this kind of thing, of course, but Gnarwolf have enough of their own personalities here to be worth listening to. Mix in a bit of Norma Jean, The Chariot, Botch, Zao, etc. and you have a very enjoyable EP.

The songs are short, ugly, metallic hardcore, yet not without their own form of grace or finesse. This kind of music has to have a certain amount of style to go along with the atypical riffs and sharp turns of the music, and Gnarwolf have style, oh yes.

This type of music also requires a singer with charisma and character, and once again Gnarwolf are not found lacking. Heady riffs, heavy breakdowns, and energetic melodies are packaged into brief whirlwinds of inventive destruction and dissonant mayhem, and the singer conducts the chaos with ease.

A very, very nice release. Good songs, good band.

A recommended listen.

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