Depleted – Conjurations of Void (Review)

depleted - conjurations of voidDepleted is a one man death/doom band from the US and this is his debut demo.

Brought to us by a member of the rabidly aggressive Maltheist, Depleted is a different proposition, but no less nasty in intent.

There are three tracks of virulent, underground unpleasantness on this release, lasting just under 25 minutes.

The standard reference point for this kind of underground, ugly, noise-infused death/doom is probably the mighty Primitive Man. Although there are some similarities between that band and Depleted, the music of the latter has more classic death metal influences apparent in the music, (albeit ones that have been dragged through the murk and covered in plagued noise and sickly slime).

Moving with a slow and diseased gait, the music is raw and harsh. Different speeds are used, however, and this is not a release that operates on geological timescales too often.

The second track, Depletion, is a noise-only one, acting as a joining piece of anti-music between Spent and Void. Spent is largely noise-free until the latter parts, but Void carries its stain a bit deeper, in one form or another. It sounds as if once the infection really took hold during the first track, Depletion let it breed and spread, and then Void was doomed to a noise-infected death/doom decline.

Conjurations of Void is the sound of an artist finding his way in new, dark realms. It works more than it doesn’t, and for a demo release it holds much promise. I look forward to whatever awaits this project next.

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