Master – Vindictive Miscreant (Review)

MasterThis is the fourteenth album from veteran US death metallers Master.

I really got on well with 2013’s The Witchhunt, so was pleased when this one appeared for my listening pleasure.

At this stage in their lengthy careers Master obviously know a thing or two about how to write and record this kind of death metal. The band have long opted for a song-based and passionate delivery, and Vindictive Miscreant is little different in this regard.

One of the things I enjoy about Master is that within the death metal framework they’re pretty much doing their own thing. Charismatic and with plenty of personality, this is music forged by a real passion for the style, and delivered by people that seriously know what they’re doing.

The band’s singer has a highly distinctive and individual style, sounding like he’s gargling broken glass and spitting it out at the same time. Once you’ve heard him, you could never mistake him for anyone else.

Vindictive Miscreant is a lesson in the old-school, showing the band’s mastery, (ahem), of song-based carnage and brutal, dirty heaviness. Studded through with a spiky thrash influence that’s always served them well, the songs on Master’s latest album stand up well against anything ostensibly similar you could match them against.

No frills, no messing around, just quality bloody death metal. Listen to Master.

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