Malthusian – Across Deaths (Review)

MalthusianThis is the debut album from Malthusian, a blackened death metal band from Ireland.

Malthusian play a twisted, nightmarish form of blackened death metal. Across these 41 minutes the band show what they’re capable with controlled chaotic force and malignant intention. It’s cavernous, monstrous, claustrophobic, and downright nasty.

Mixing together ugly black metal, dissonant death metal, and elements of crushing doom into songs that are unrelentingly bleak and vicious, this is music that’s not for the unwary. Steeped in the aesthetics of black metal’s corrupted skin, while having a certain atonal death metal power, Malthusian merge these two styles together seamlessly. The grim doom elements here are comparatively less-used, but enhance the music when they appear with further levels of darkness.

Textured with various poisoned layers of grime and filth, the songs have more going on in them than you might think. The tracks sprawl out with a seeping plague-ridden grace, filling the musical landscape with rotten corpses and baleful terror. Murky, dense, and distinctly unfriendly, they’re nonetheless still highly immersive and have been constructed with a certain madness-infected skill. Malthusian are not your typical band, but they clearly know what they’re doing with their atypical material.

The vocals sound inhuman. Savagely destructive growls and hateful daemonic screams are only part of what you’ll find here. The band sound as if they have a whole cohort of otherworldly entities providing vocals, and on closer inspection it does seem that three out of the four band members contribute to the vocal assault.

Across Deaths is the kind of venomous debut album that many a band would kill for. Very highly recommended.

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