Exocrine – Molten Giant (Review)

ExocrineThis is the third album from French death metallers Exocrine.

Playing modern technical death metal, Molten Giant gives us 35 minutes of material, as well as some pretty damn monstrous cover art.

The music is absurdly technical, with plenty of noodling chaos and brutal mayhem featured in the band’s style to satisfy fans of complexity. This is nicely offset by the simpler heavier groove parts which are skilfully weaved into the songs to ensure they remain largely accessible, (as far as these things go), rather than being an impenetrable mess of riffs and random beats.

This latter aspect of Exocrine’s sound is a credit to their songwriting, as without this Molten Giant would simply be a vehicle for some impressive musicians. This would get very old, very fast, of course, which is why Exocrine understand the need for structure, dynamics, and the occasional bout of simplicity to channel their technical tendencies into something useful and enjoyable.

You can also add to the above a penchant for including synths and melodic/atmospheric parts here and there, building on the progressive influences that the band have.

Molten Giant is an enjoyable slab of death metal. It strikes an uneasy balance between brutal, progressive, and technical death metal, one which threatens to be overwhelmed or taken over by the technicality at some points, while at others the more brutal parts are in ascendancy. The progressive elements are less forceful, but still have their own presence.

This is my first encounter with Exocrine, but they’ve impressed and satisfied with this concept album.

Highly recommended.

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