Microcosmys/La Torture des Ténèbres – The Gods Themselves – Split (Review)

Microcosmys La Torture des TénèbresMicrocosmys are a black metal band from Ukraine, and La Torture des Ténèbres is a one-woman black metal band from Canada. This is their split.

Supplying 17 minutes of music to this release, Microcosmys play engaging atmospheric/ambient black metal with plenty of appeal and substance.

The three songs demonstrate a good mixture of slower mood-building sections and faster, harsher parts. There are no vocals, but the quality of the music makes this largely a non-issue. There’s enough engaging and compelling aspects to this music that it’s enough in and of itself, and the band clearly have an ear for a good riff in addition to knowing how to add some engaging ambience and atmospherics.

This is my first encounter with Microcosmys, (with both bands in fact), and their side of this split is very endearing and enjoyable.

The music of La Torture des Ténèbres is far more straightforward and aggressive in nature, at least on first glance. There’s just under fourteen minutes of material here, divided into two tracks. Of the two, my favourite is We Should Have Left It on the Country Station, but both deliver the goods with their vicious, blasting delivery.

Taking influence from raw, orthodox black metal, this style has then been skinned alive and dipped in acid to produce music that’s as severe and abrasive as anything out there. These are not songs for the weak of constitution. This is unpleasant, cantankerous music, wreathed in noise and violence. A bright red streak of colourful atmospheric melody runs through the middle of this harsh, unfriendly music, however, providing a neat contrast against the brutal savagery of its main core.

The vocals are cruel screams, buried low in the mix and wielded like a weaponized instrument rather than being performed in any traditional, conventional sense. It’s a method that works well with music that’s as extreme as this.

La Torture des Ténèbres is an interesting proposition, and the artist behind the band is effective at what she is doing. Combining raw sonic violence and melodic atmosphere without diluting or weakening either side of the equation is no easy thing to do, but she manages it here with ruthless confidence and grim style.

An interesting and enjoyable split. Make sure you spend some time with this.

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