Vihamieli – Hymns of Deity (Review)

VihamieliVihamieli are a Finnish black metal band and this is their second album.

Hymns of Deity is the follow up to 2017’s Kuolevain Veri Uinuu Ikuisuuteen, which was an enjoyable trip into traditional second wave waters.

Hymns of Deity is 53 minutes of raw underground black metal. Containing more than enough cold, frosted riffs to satisfy any fan of the style, the album also boasts a strong melodic component that allows the band to craft some quite engaging soundscapes and moods. This is a prominent part of the band’s sound on occasion, more so than previously, and also provides a medieval/Viking feel – a Bathory influence in their music, for example.

Similar to what the band were capable of previously, but more advanced, this new album sees Vihamieli develop and progress their sound well, but without losing what made them enjoyable in the first place..

The singer has a needle-thin scream that can lacerate flesh on contact. His delivery, when combined with the music’s frosted touch, is quite atmospheric and I enjoy his style very much. There are also some quite epic cleans included here and there, which is a great thing to hear.

The strong melodic presence and the engaging atmospheres that the band create transport you into Vihamieli’s world quite easily and fully. Immersion is not a problem here, and I like the increase in depth that the band’s new material seems to have brought them. This is good stuff.

Vihamieli have developed quite nicely since Kuolevain Veri Uinuu Ikuisuuteen, and Hymns of Deity is an enjoyable and well-crafted piece of work.

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