Eroded – Necropath (Review)

ErodedEroded are an Italian death metal band and this is their second album.

Featuring 35 minutes of 90s-styled old-school death metal, Eroded have produced a worthy and enjoyable album here. With war metal influences, (musically, if not thematically), and a Scandinavian veneer, Necropath is Hellishly good fun.

The songs rumble along with stomping mid-paced belligerence and occasional bursts of faster aggression. It’s heavy and brutal, but in a controlled, strategic way. As mentioned above, an air of war metal hovers over this release, combining with the band’s Swedish death metal influences in a very satisfying manner. A mix of Bolt Thrower and Dismember is a decent way of thinking about Necropath, at least in general terms.

Yes, Eroded have the relentless intensity and destructive inevitability of a war-scarred battle tank. Merge this with the macabre feel of the Swedish side of the equation, and it makes for songs that I like a very lot.

The singer’s bestial growls are as well-performed as the music, and his voice hits the spot quite nicely.

A highly enjoyable album for fans of old-school carnage. Full of riffs and groove, with enough speedier sections to keep things interesting, Necropath is the type of album I can listen to over and over again and not tire of. Make sure you give this one a listen while wearing body armour and occult wards.

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