Deathgrave – So Real, It’s Now (Review)

DeathgraveThis is the debut album from US grindcore band Deathgrave.

Here we have a violent 27 minutes of brutal grindcore. Mixing deathgrind, powerviolence, and punk into its abrasive attack, So Real, It’s Now is impressively rabid. However, and very interestingly, there’s more here than just aggressive tendencies.

These 14 songs may be ugly and nasty, but they’re very well-written and catchier than you might imagine. This isn’t a one-dimensional blastfest at all, as the band show a good sense of dynamics, structure, and variety across the music. We frequently get slow and mid-paced sections amidst the carnage, and I like that the band make the most of their death metal influences to produce some effective atmospheric sections.

So yes, a surprisingly varied and immersive release from Deathgrave. That’s not to say there isn’t more than enough grinding punk-fuelled aggression here too – there’s loads of it – but the album is made all the better for the frequent inclusion of macabre melodies and grim atmosphere.

As for the vocals, these consist of brutal deathgrowls and scathing screams – the former are extremely satisfying, while the latter are frenzied and insane.

If old-school grindcore played with passion and skill is your thing, then you absolutely need to check this out.

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