Spirit of the Forest – A Void into the Fields of Silence/La Nature Oubliée (Review)

Spirit of the ForestThis is Spirit of the Forest’s third album. They play atmospheric melodic black metal and hail from Canada.

Are you a fan of Emperor, Dissection, Windir and Borknagar? If you are then I’ll happily point you in the direction of Spirit of the Forest and let you listen to their very satisfying new release.

For others that might require a bit more convincing, let me say that Spirit of the Forest are giving their all to do exactly that, and if you give this album a listen and remain unconvinced, then it’s very definitely your loss. Put simply; this is a very enjoyable 57 minutes of music, and Spirit of the Forest shouldn’t be overlooked.

Playing old-school black metal that has a good mix of atmospheric, melodic and subtly-symphonic elements, Spirit of the Forest can’t help but put me in somewhat of a nostalgic frame of mind.

Taking cues from the early work of Emperor, the band work with this influence and add in aspects of Dissection, Windir and Borknagar, producing a very satisfying body of work for anyone that loved this kind of stuff when it first came out.

Avoiding the darker, more evil forms of the blackened style that are more or less the norm in today’s scene, Spirit of the Forest stand separate from this part of the black metal equation in many ways. Their music is altogether more uplifting, almost gleaming. It’s not jolly music by any means, but the hearty melodies give off a certain aura of positivity and light when compared to most of the nihilistically bleak output of your average blackened band these days.

Ahhh, I’ve enjoyed listening to this. And I shall continue to do so, as A Void into the Fields of Silence/La Nature Oubliée is a quality album. They rarely make them like this any more.

Highly recommended.

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