Wolf Blood – Tsunami/Home (Review)

Wolf BloodWolf Blood are a US doom metal band and this is their latest EP.

Was it really 2014 that Wolf Blood’s self titled debut album was released? It seems like only a year or so ago…Regardless, we now have this new 2-track EP of material to enjoy, and enjoy we do. Very much.

Well, the band’s stoner-influenced traditional doom metal is intact and well. Played with an obvious passion and enthusiasm for the source material, Wolf Blood channel both stoner and doom metal influences into two new songs that have presence and character in abundance.

The first track –Tsunami – is an 11-minute monolith that firmly emphasises the band’s traditional doom side, although there are still some stoner licks here and there. It’s a very strong piece of work, building and rumbling along nicely as it runs its course. The interplay and juxtaposition of the male and female vocals is very enjoyable, and both of the performances are completely on point.

The second offering here – Home – is the shorter of the two at seven minutes in length, and is a livelier affair overall than Tsunami. It’s no less enjoyable, however. Focusing more on the band’s stoner influences, there’s still a nice doom workout at the end of the song.

Despite the fact that the band have an upcoming second album in the works, apparently both of these songs are specific to this release. They are certainly no less powerfully-presented because of this; Wolf Blood apparently don’t do second-rate cast-offs. Not only is this a great thing for the strength of this release, of course, but it also means that I am now eagerly awaiting their new album. If it’s as good as Tsunami/Home, then we’re really in for a treat.

All hail Wolf Blood, bringer of doom, woe, and hearty riffs. We wouldn’t want it any other way.

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