Chanid – Lucifer (Review)

ChanidThis is the debut album from Chanid, a Polish black metal band.

With 8 tracks spread across only 28 minutes, this is a blistering slice of true, occult black metal.

Second wave black metal from the 90s powers this album, but Chanid still inject enough of their own personalities into the mix to make for an enjoyable collection of songs. Taking firm influence from the Scandinavian scene, Chanid mix aggressive speed with frozen groove to produce an album that cuts, burns, and furiously assaults the listener from multiple angles.

Although the bulk of the material is a relentless battery, Chanid do vary their attack, of course, using changes in melody, dynamics, and pacing well across the songs. Different moods and emotive themes are displayed too, with the songs each having their own preferences, whether this is a more melancholic take on darkness, setting a malignantly atmospheric mood, unleashing a barrage of brutal hatred, or a choice of many others.

The vocals consist of traditionally delivered screams, seemingly drawn straight from Hell.

The album has a good sound. It’s strong and powerful enough to lend the music a clarity of purpose, yet still unpolished enough to do justice to the music’s inherent underground nature.

Lucifer is a solid release. Make sure you check it out.

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