Gigantomachia – Atlas (Review)

GigantomachiaThis is the debut album from Italian metal band Gigantomachia.

Here’s a somewhat evocatively heroic release. Mixing elements of melodic, doom, death, and epic metal into a meaty metal base, Gigantomachia have produced 41 minutes of engaging metal.

Mixing grand melodies with heavier riffs and beats, the music walks a balance between melodic death metal and heavy metal. The songs sometimes fall more on one spectrum or the other, of course, but overall come across as a melodic metallic mixture that combines both, (and other), styles well. The vocals tend to mostly side with the band’s more extreme metal aspect, delivering harsh screams, shouts, and growls as the songs plough through the musical landscape.

The songs are what you might get if you take a band like Amon Amarth and give their music a more melodically European slant. Gigantomachia don’t really sound too much like Amon Amarth, of course, but there’s something about their structures and compositions that remind me of them. Of course, this is alongside the more European influences that can be heard in their sound, not only from melodic death metal, but from certain aspects of heavy/power metal too. There’s some pinches of a more modern metal approach here and there as well, mainly manifesting in the more muscularly rhythmic riffs.

Gigantomachia’s own melodic proclivities shine through strongly in these tracks, nicely offset by the heavier rhythm guitars and the singer’s aggressive delivery. Atlas is actually a surprisingly effective and enjoyable album, and I say ‘surprising’ purely because it took me a few moments to calibrate myself to the band’s style, but once I did I enjoyed what I found on Atlas; it’s clear that Gigantomachia have both a talent and passion for this style of melodic metal.

Check this one out.

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