Ommadon – End Times (Review)

OmmadonOmmadon are a doom/drone band from the UK and this is their sixth album.

We’ve encountered Ommadon before with the massive V, but it’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to catch up with their immersive take on doom.

End Times is as apocalyptic as the title would suggest. Consisting of two colossal tracks with a total running time of 43 minutes, this album is an utter beast.

Ommadon are heavy. Very heavy. Some heavy bands are not quite as heavy as you would expect, hope, or desire, but not Ommadon; they live up to expectations regarding how heavy they are going to be. In fact, they flatten them completely, which just goes to show how damn heavy Ommadon are. Have I mentioned that they’re heavy? They are.


Not just that though, (heavy), as they are also atmospheric and very engaging. I find it very easy to get swept up in, (or trampled by), Ommadon’s music, as it drones out from the speakers in a tidal wave of crashing distortion and heaviness. The sheer weight of the band’s music is forged into dark soundscapes that evoke abyssal images, while extra texture is provided by expressive leads that seem brighter than they might normally when set against the pitch black gloom of the main distortion. It’s a contrast that works well.

One thing I wasn’t expecting from the band was vocals; End Times actually has some, although they are used very sparingly. They also don’t really sound very human at all. The first track features deep, dark, guttural growls that seem like they’re being forced into existence out of some extra-dimensional void…They’re quite terrifying really and sound monstrously horrible. The second track features scathing screams in addition to the growls, and these sound like they’re been emitted by some sort of screeching reptilian.

I find that although Ommadon are obviously very good on first listen, due to the drawn out nature of the songs it takes repeat exposures to truly appreciate what they have to offer. They are worth the time investment though, and End Times is a compelling and engaging piece of work, assuming you like to have your soul crushed by massive, heavy doom/drone, of course.

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