Urze de Lume – As Árvores Estão Secas e Não Têm Folhas (Review)

Urze de LumeUrze de Lume are a dark folk band from Portugal and this is their third album.

Although I enjoyed Urze de Lume’s 2017 EP Vozes na Neblina, there were some aspects of it that spoiled the overall atmosphere of the music for me.

Well, this is a longer, and more developed release. The issues I had with Vozes ne Neblina, I’m pleased to say, have been greatly improved.

This album focuses on creating an individual interpretation of the natural world and folk influences, making for 51 minutes of immersive soundscapes.

Utilising many traditional, folk, or non-standard instruments, this is a textured and multifaceted release. The album has an acoustic guitar base, which is then built on with these other instruments. It’s clear that the band all really know what they are doing with them, and the end result is the kind of relaxing, immersive listen that is easy to fall into.

The album is mostly instrumental, which means it largely avoids my least favourite aspects of the above EP – the spoken word parts. There are some, however, but these are less intrusive than previously, and they actually mainly succeed in working quite well with the music, rather than detracting from it.

Urze de Lume have crafted a delicate, haunting, and affecting collection of tracks that take the listener on a journey into their compelling and engaging world.

A recommended listen.


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