Puteraeon – The Dunwich Damnation (Review)

PuteraeonPuteraeon are a death metal band from Sweden and this is their latest EP.

Yes, everyone get ready, it’s Swedish death metal time! Lock up your entrails and close your eyes, as much horror and death this way stalks.

I enjoyed 2014’s The Crawling Chaos, so I’m more than happy to hear some more of Puteraeon’s brutal music.

Full of chunky riffs, rolling groove, and flattening riffs, the songs are energetically heavy and betray the band’s obvious passion and enthusiasm for their material. Speed and aggression are used too, with Puteraeon having quite a savage streak in them when they want. This is something I noted on their previous album and it sees them stepping outside of the usual Swedish death metal constraints; it sounds very good, so I’m not complaining at all.

The singer has a charismatic snarling growl that is relatively individual for this kind of thing. His performance is full of energy and passion too, much like everything else here is, and his voice leads the charge as the music crashes into things belligerently and smashes them to the ground.

Puteraeon’s latest EP is an enjoyably brief shot of aggressive Swedish death metal, and I recommend that you try it out.

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