Urze de Lume – Vozes na Neblina (Review)

Urze de LumeThis is an EP from dark folk band Urze de Lume, who hail from Portugal.

This is dark folk music inspired by traditional themes.

Comprised of two short spoken-word pieces and two actual songs, this is a brief listen at around 13 minutes. I’m not a fan of spoken word, so these two tracks are largely just throwaway filler to me; it’s the actual songs themselves that are the real gems here.

Mood-heavy, hypnotically rhythmic, and darkly understated, these songs easily create evocative soundscapes and are thoroughly immersive, transporting the listener to older times and absorbing them almost completely in Urze de Lume’s world.

The traditional instruments that are used in the music enhance the overall flavour of the tracks, so much so that these would be completely different songs without them. Which is great, as rather than sounding forced or unnecessary, they’re integral to them.

The two main songs on this EP showcase a masterful display of mood-creation and atmosphere-forging. Each of them builds up emotive texture and is rich in creative delivery and heartfelt performance.

Now, if we could only have more of this, but without the irritating, atmosphere-spoiling spoken word tracks, then we’d have something really special on our hands.

A recommended listen.


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