Aborted Fetus – The Ancient Spirits of Decay (Review)

Aborted FetusThis is the sixth album from Russian death metallers Aborted Fetus.

Aborted Fetus have returned with another offering of brutal death metal. I enjoyed both Private Judgement Day and The Art of Violent Torture, so it’s always welcome to hear more ugly brutality from this band.

Merciless and savage, there are 13 tracks on this release, and with a playing time of 48 minutes, this is the band’s longest album by far. This extra playing time is largely put to good use by adding extra dynamics, melody, and an increased reliance on mid-paced delivery into their infectious blend of ripping death metal, so that in many ways this is the band’s catchiest album – although this should be understood in the present context, of course.

Mixing elements of old-school death metal know-how with modern gore-soaked aggression, the songs on this album are violent and covered in blood. Groove and varied pace is used well, as are the pummelling blast beats. Melody is used sparingly, but effectively when it appears.

As you might be able to tell from the above, this is a band who are not content with producing pure barbaric brutality, as Aborted Fetus also do their best to write actual songs, rather than mere collections of riffs and blast beats. This is one of the reasons I rate them highly, as anyone can do brutality well, (to a point), but not everyone can also write a good song around such ferocity. Aborted Fetus can, and do.

The vocals are guttural growls, well-performed and full of entrail-chewing belching. You can’t fault it.

Another fine release from a band that always deliver the goods. With a touch more melody and a professional production, The Ancient Spirits of Decay is probably the band’s most well-rounded and accessible release yet, but one that’s still filled with head-splitting brutality. A very highly recommended listen.


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